Aftermath Of Apple’s Event plus ‘Twitter Reactions’

The iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c launched yesterday. I was going to just come here and write about the launch but I don’t see the point . Every blog, website, newspaper has probably written about that. If you don’t know about the new i Phones then I don’t understand you to be honest. Are you under a rock or something? How are yoy reading this right now? I can’t wrap my head around that. However, just because I’m nice, you can read about that here and here. Rather than write about what you should already know, I’m writing about reactions to the launch. It has been crazy.

Nokia teased Apple for Imitating Lumia With iPhone 5C:

Nokia vs Apple

LOOL. My best reaction tbh

Moreover, there’s this complain that the iphone 5c is too cheap! *sigh* You folks are going to make these girls be like:

Random girl: Is that the iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c.

Me: iPhone 5c.

Random girl: mstchhhew…rubbish, You cant even buy 5s, shame on you.

*sigh am I buying the phone because of you. You folks are causin a ruckus with your opinions. I know most  Nigerians like to follow trends even if it’s going to bore a hole in their pockets. steady buying phones because of everything else but the actual features it provides. This world has ended, God hasn’t just notified us yet.

Also, the iPhone 5 owners have suddenly become obsolete since apple discontinued the production of the iPhone 5, though the price has suddenly increased on Amazon. From a Nigerian view point, if you have an iphone 5, you’re in the dark ages. I’m sorry bro. The S4 is still the smartphone of the year, if you have money and you want to splurge on something worthy, the S4 is the phone for you. Gospel truth brethren! However, as an apple fan boy, you can also get one of these new iPhones. but don’t break the bank, if you cant afford the iPhone 5s . Dont kill yourself, just buy the iPhone 5c and relax. Ya dig?  The iPhone 5s is just a little catch-up with very little innovation.

There are are also mixed reactions to the fingerprint scanner and people are linking it to the Illuminati, the Antichrist illuminati. Na wa, everything is Illuminati these days.

Personally, the worst reaction that I saw about the apple event is that someone said “When you can upgrade to iOS 7. Why buy another phone. Izzi just for Kpali?”. I find that very disturbing to be honest. It’s a new phone for Christ sake! Don’t you understand what a new phone means? new features! You can’t do fingerprint sensor if you only upgrade your ios, can you? The struggle to form tech savvy. nah, aint about that life. if you upgrade your iOS, is your phone suddenly going to have colors? Most of the features wont work effectively with your phone, that’s why its a new operating system. What is wrong with you people? it’s not like a laptop that you can just wipe your operating system and install windows 8 and you will be enjoying the full package. You can’t enjoy the new iOS on ‘lesser’ phones. Don’t piss me off.


*sigh* btw the sensor can recognize multiple fingerprints


Lol. I’m guessing the A stands for America


I wonder how true this is

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My Payroll App

Hello, good people of the interwebs…this blog is looking really unfamiliar right now lol. Have been crazily busy with school stuff, the holidays have come to my rescue. 249 days from now and I would be worrying about other stuffs.

Someone suggested I publish a post about what have been up to, though I think he was joking ‘cos I doubt he reads my blog. Anyways, I decided to heed to his advice.

After undergoing six months internship, I was required to build an application to solve a problem I discovered where I interned. This has translated to months of sleepless nights and I didn’t shut down Silver (my laptop) till the 19th. A lot of things come into play when building applications, especially a web application. The interface has to be perfect, not too flashy and not too drab, and it has to be doing what it was developed for.

I chose to automate their payroll system. It has two major modules, the admin and employee modules. It processes information about employees and has a security level for each user through which unauthorized users are not allowed to view or modify data. The methodology used is the SSADM (Structured System Analysis and Design Methodology). I won’t bore y’all with unnecessary details.

The User interfaces was built upon the technological framework of conventional C-sharp applications. The primary interface of the system with the user is through forms. Input design specifies how data are accepted for processing. The user interface was designed with user friendliness in mind.

In order to develop the payroll management system, a database system was put in place to simulate the payroll process. The database system created plays a major part for enforcing and strengthening the security of the system, sticking to the rules data consistency, data dependency, non-redundancy and data Integrity. Personally, the database was the hardest part. I spent not less than a month designing the database.

I was going to create a slideshow for snapshots of the system I built but I couldn’t find the wordpress plugin, any more dilly-dallying and this post won’t be up till God knows when, So I just included a couple of pictures.

Home Page

ImageAdmin_Login Page

ImagePassword recovery mail

ImageSalary_view page

ImageEdit_employee page


that’s about it…I’ll probably publish one last post before 2013. Happy celebrations, stay scheming