Emergency Phone Charger That Uses Your Drink!


Hey good people, found this during my Internet raids.

This device called the Epiphany One Puck, will charge your phone using the warmth or coldness of your drink. It not only holds your drink but charges it too! Cool yeah?

Developed by Epiphany Labs, the one Puck smartphone charger requires just hot or cold source to charge your smartphone and other gadgets. The One Puck uses a Stirling engine, which employs a fixed amount of gas that is sealed inside. Changes in temperature create pressure, which in turns help power the unit. Heat sources such as a hot or cold drink, ice or even a candle provide enough power to the Stirling engine to fully charge your smartphone(I’m not sure of Blackberry’s though :p), iPod and other USB charging devices drawing 1000mA or less. It is a two sided device, Red and Blue. Red for hot drinks and Blue for cold drink.


Just yank out the One Puck charger, place your hot cup of coffee on it, apply hot mode and just like that, your mobile device is charging! Taking a cold drink? Place the cold drink on the charger, apply cold mode and charge your phone.

The charger is tiny, lightweight and portable, therefore suited for any situation; be it in the office, Cafeteria or when traveling.

The Epiphany One Puck could make the perfect gift for the office worker in your life and for anyone who drinks a lot of coffee or iced tea.

It looks like a really useful gadget. It is expected to be available from March this year

Would you be willing to spend money to purchase this charger?

4 thoughts on “Emergency Phone Charger That Uses Your Drink!

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