Artmosphere Presents February Edition: Loving Life

It’s the second edition of Artmosphere, the quintessential music, poetry, performance and arts event in Nigeria. This edition is made possible by WriteHouse Collective; a creative enterprise, culture and arts firm, and Ibridge Hub; a place for people with great ideas to meet, learn and work. It is a creative and collaborative environment where young entrepreneurs and innovators in the city of Ibadan can bring their ideas to reality.

This edition of the monthly Book Culture and Lifestyle event suits the season of love but presents love in a multifaceted and dynamic way. No wonder the February edition is tagged “Loving Life”. The curator, ‘Femi Morgan, notes “Love is the stretch of words, insufficient for describing Life, yet Love brings forth life. Love is not despair, it is giving and forgiving. It is faith and grace; it is pleasant prejudice and subtle worship. Love means different things to different people.”

The February edition of Artmosphere tagged “Loving Life” holds on Saturday, February 16, 2013
Venue: NuStreams Conference Centre, KM 110 Abeokuta road, Alalubosa GRA Extension, Ibadan.
TIME: 3pm to 6pm

This edition plays host to Tade Ipadeola, renowned poet and winner of the Delphic Laurel in Poetry 2009, an award known as the enigmatic Olympic prize for poets around the world. The event will also feature Servio Gbadamosi, spoken word poet, lyricist and entrepreneur, and Michael Asuzu, spoken word poet from the University of Ibadan, among others.

Kent Oxygen, and Michael Obot, seasoned alternative music acts will also be at “Loving Life” to spice the event with love songs and the nostalgic songs of the oldies.

At “Loving Life”, we will be officially unveiling the electronic versions of Tade Ipadeola’s new literary offering, The Sahara Testament. The collection of poetry will be available and compactable to the Ipad, Nook, Kindle and e-reading public in Nigeria. WriteHouse Collective has acquired the authority to make it available in Nigeria, in order to ensure that Nigerians can purchase the book without any foreign exchange hassles. Ipadeola wrote The Sahara Testament over the space of seven years. During his writing, he challenged his muse by getting acquainted with the culture, arts, life and living of peoples across the Sahara desert. This collection promises to become a definitive work of literature that transcends language and race.  

Tade Ipadeola

Tade Ipadeola

Tade Ipadeola

Tade Ipadeola, a Nigerian, was born in 1970. He has published two volumes of poetry-A Time of Signs (2000) and The Rain Fardel (2005). He has also published short stories and essays. In 2009, he won the Delphic Laurel in poetry with his poem “Songbird” in Jeju, South Korea. His third volume of poetry, The Sahara Testaments-a sequence of 1000 quatrains on the Sahara is his latest work.
Tade Ipadeola is currently serving as the PEN (Nigeria Centre) President.
Tade lives in Ibadan where he practices law.

Michael Asuzu

Michael Asuzu

Michael Asuzu

Michael Asuzu is a spoken word poet and student of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Ibadan. Michael believes in demystifying and making poetry accessible to a wider audience. He brings his words to life by infusing the foundational elements of pop and hip hop culture into his poetry performances.

Servio Gbadamosi



Servio Gbadamosi is a spoken word artiste, lyricist and creative entrepreneur. He has earned his corporate experience as Human Resource personnel, Art organizer and as a Social Media executive. He is currently the Managing Partner/Head of Research and Development at WriteHouse Collective. His poems have appeared in different national dailies and in Crossroads, an anthology of poems chosen from across Africa and the diaspora in memory of Christopher Okigbo.  He is the unpublished author of the viral collection, A Tributary in Servitude. He will be performing a medley and some poems from his upcoming collection of love poems. 

Music Acts

Kent Oxygen 
Hassan Kehinde Daniel, Kent Oxygen is an African folk and Jazz artist. He is a lyrically rich, comedic and inspiring songwriter. The graduate of Computer Science and Statistics from University of Nigeria, Nsukka, is fecund in the use the acoustic guitar, piano and drums. Kent Oxygen started his career in the 90’s where he rose as music director at his church. 




Micheal Obot AKA Olumicheal is a song writer and singer. He reaches out to his audience using the soul genre.
Obot is a graduate of Accountancy but he prefers the music counts of the piano. He is currently working on his album, and has already recorded singles such as “Show Me Love”, “Only You Can Make Your Dreams Come True”, “Aiye Ole”, “Eledumare”, and more




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