Goodbye 2012

Hello good people, I promised y’all a post. This is actually an end of the year rant. The world didn’t come to an end after-all😃

Its been a crazy year with more lows than highs. Career-wise, I have become more enthusiastic about programming, especially web programming, and technology as a whole. I have developed a couple of apps: photo sharing( I did only two major functionalities) like pin-interest, instant messenger( single client), payroll etc. I also got an invite to write on a tech site. I’ll be sharing the links on here too.

I have a couple of things I want to change on this blog, starting from the interface to the content. I’ll probably just design one. I haven’t really done what birthed this blog, but its just been my first year and I wasn’t expecting miracles.

Emotionally, naah…this isn’t a diary, I never even had a diary, personal stuffs should remain so. It accounts for the the higher number of drafts compared to actual posts. I put too much of myself in those drafts. Maybe, I wont mind in 2013.

Thanks to those who have been reading my inconsistent attempt at blogging, and of course! thanks for the referrals! this is hoping I’ll be consistent next year. Wishing y’all a good year, stay scheming.

I’m posting this from my mobile, not sure how it would turn out.

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