Of House flies and Coffins

This post captured my sentiments exactly. I just had to share


Competition is good for the consumers, that is a proven fact but then again there is a need to differentiate what actually is competition from what is just overpopulation. The way we Nigerians jump on a ‘business’ as though it were a ‘fad’ is beyond me.

In my early days, every boy nurtured dreams of becoming the next Jay Jay Okocha and the reason was not far-fetched, it was not because we had the necessary skills, passion or commitment it would require, but because we knew about the (truth be told) ridiculous sums of money that footballers earned (especially when converted to Naira).


            Today, though I may not possess any concrete statistics to backup this claim, I want to believe that at least one out of every ten ladies (above 20 years) is, was, or is planning to get involved in the make-up business. As much as I…

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