Mehn!its been ages that ..err…its been ages that…err…let’s just delve into the post ,shall we?

The whole world is just one helluva  software development life cycle, the waterfall model precisely. This comes to fore in the creation story irrespective of the particular religion. “The earth was dark and void”(problem statement) and then the specification document was created and.. ”let there be light”(the design phase started)…till operation and maintenance. This post is about maintenance.

Nigerians are sentimental beings. Evident in the ‘holier’ pms on Sundays and the holier dps too. Below are some of the laws used to maintain the ‘software’ and that your sentiments won’t affect one bit!

Law Of Karma

Y’all have heard of karma right? The law of cause and effect. For every action you take there will be a reaction in the future. What you might not know is that karma doesn’t give you in the same measure you have given, it increases by a multiple of seven!voila! So if you steal my silver pen today, someone would steal your silver car in the future!!!…simple. Everything you do , good or bad, creates a ‘karmaic’ bond with the people involved. You MUST get your full measure. This law is valid for all your actions, thoughts, words and emotions. Karma doesn’t care if you are an mfm prayer champion or not. karma’s a b**ch!f**ks you over anytime.  So before you  go all balotelli on yourself and also don a “why always me” tee, check yourself.  Maintenance, Maintaining the balance..ya dig!?

dear karma

there you go..

Law of Attraction

Yea…listen up folks…especially to all ‘em friends of mine that are always like “I don’t like nobody”,” I don’t catch feelings”, “career first”, bla bla blah…bleh!!! stop forming gangstar yo! you can’t outsmart the law yo! You are gonna like the opposite sex. I’m not saying he or she is gonna like you back though. It stems from the creation story people!  You remember adamu n evelyn? yes ?no? oh well….

However, it wouldn’t make any sense to limit this law to the above paragraph, it goes far beyond that. Couple of weeks back, I watched a video called the secret laws of attraction and I would just outline few points I can remember right now

Everything that is coming into your life you are attracting into your life. You become what you think about most and also attract what you think about most. Thoughts become things. If you are complaining about how bad it is, you are only creating more(this is probably why Nigeria isn’t moving forward) because an affirmative thought is 100 times more powerful than a negative thought .  Whatever you’re feeling is a perfect reflection of what is in the process of becoming. What you feel and what you think and what manifests is always a perfect match. Just focus on what you want.


clear yh?

Law of Gravitation

Another  popular one. Isaac Newton is credited with the saying  ‘what goes up must come down’ . Dunno if the he actually said anything like that. Well, he proposed the law of gravitation he might as well have said it.

Okay, so you’re on your ‘high horse’ …everything is great..well, everything folks these days rank as important. I still haven’t figured out why folks like to please some folks who themselves want to please other folks…why don’t you just carve your own stable niche?  I digress.  Everything’s you start dissing your own people doing stuffs you normally wouldn’t, forgetting you’re just one out of billions of folks. The law of gravitation is your portion. Can I get an amen?:)

This law applies to a particular physiology of the feminine system. Yes, that part. As they get older and all…em pairs just go with the flow I’m sure this was what inspired sir Isaac and all ‘em  calculations, homeboi now said that apple fell on his head . APPLE. You see the correlation yh?

*sigh what was this post all about sef…pure rant…you get the point yh? Oooh you don’t? read it again nucca!-____-

Note: The software developer is allowed to contravene  any of the above laws. Stay scheming. #bless